I started my professional life in secretarial work /general administration  and later gravitated to personnel administration.  The general administrative experience I gained  in  a macro setting was put to good use when I became an HR practitioner. 

In my first year in HR , the company I worked for sent me to seminars designed  for the greenhorn in the profession .  The studies I underwent  enhanced my entrance into the field of Human Resources.   I soon found  out  that  I was like a fish thrown to the water .   I love working with people  and here I was in HR which is all about people business.   Again, as a newbie, I imagined I would do recruitment, compliance of government legislations, employee relations, compensation and benefits, ensure that the objectives of the Company are met, etc etc……and that it would be an easy day-to-day cruise as soon as I learned the ropes.  My imagination did not even come close to my realization!

As any HR practitioner will realize , the wide ranging tasks and responsibilities we carry out , coupled with other diverse assignments  ,  missions’  and challenges that can never be listed here or anywhere else one has to be adaptable, work with heart and head simultaneously (which means, one has to be blessed with a fairly good EQ!!), fair, and a lot of other people-oriented characteristics.  Most of all one has to be passionate and strongly committed to professional competence and integrity in HR !

If a survey is conducted on whether HR practitioners are happy with their decision to join the HR profession or not ,  I would answer  I am 100% happy with the decision I made!!”  

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2 Responses to HR

  1. lazyOne says:

    hr practitioners are some of the most lovable and odious people . this is all at the same given time. carry on!

    • wanggits says:

      i don’t have to be either lovable or odious 🙂 i really want to stay competent and professional in my job, maintain high standard of honesty and integrity — and have positive regard both for the employer and employees i work with. Ciao!

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