Recruitment is one of the most important functions of Human Resources. It is defined as the process of screening and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm.

Each organization has its recruitment policy. How does a respectable organization recruit a qualified person for its vacancies? Most undertake their own in-house recruitment using the HR department in coordination with the Executives , Manager or Headmaster. In-house recruiters (HR) may advertise job vacancies on their bulletin board, newsletters or emails to all interested employees and/or coordinate with internal employee referrals.

In-house recruitment, otherwise known as internal recruitment gives existing employees greater opportunity to advance their careers within the organization. It may also help retain the staff who might otherwise leave. The process is usually quicker and less expensive than recruiting from outside.

Employers have to take care to avoid discrimination in recruitment. Employers should know about the internal candidate’s abilities, to weed out biases and risk of selecting an ineffective and/or inappropriate candidate. To avoid the latter, it is important to use consistent, clear procedure and to check each potential employee’s eligibility to avoid suspicion of favouritism.

Proper identification and selection of an in-house candidate always fosters respect, unity and good communication in the workplace!

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