Friends :)


“A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails” – Anonymous

Friends are a pretty important part of most people’s lives. They are there in tough or good times. Friendship is one of the most important relationships we can have in life. We all need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, feelings , blessings and problems.

I consider myself a friendly person. I can make friends without difficulty….. but my true friends can only be counted with the fingers of one hand. True friends are hard to find. I always thought that a true friend is someone much closer/better/comforting than a good friend .  We can have a lot of acquaintances but only a few people will become our true friends.

Friends, like anything in this world, come and go. As we get older, it gets easier for us to distinguish between true friends and those that are just friends. A true friend is one who helps without being requested and does things for us without expecting anything in return.

A true friend is always there for you!

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