True Friend!

My dearest friend,

I woke up thinking of you today. I said a short prayer for you 🙂

Our friendship started 55 years ago (written – April, 2009). We were in the third grade, I was 8 years old then. You were one of the very few who welcomed me on my first day at boarding school. I was happy when I found out that we were classmates ! you knew your way around school, so I stuck like glue to you and ended up sitting next to you in class – not just on my first day , but also for the next eight years … until we graduated from high school.

We slept in different dormitories, but we sometimes ended under my bed eating peanut butter sandwich , Vienna sausage straight from the can , or whatever we could find ! Remember when once I tried to open a can of sausage and cut my finger? The blood would not stop, everyone was asleep and I wanted to cry loudly….. you got a hanky, tied it around my wound and told me to go to sleep! i still have the scar 🙂

I remember our high school math teacher who wore steel-toed shoes to class. He had very long legs (or so it seemed, at that time) and his feet would stick out from under the table – in front of us….. we would draw faces on his shoes with the chalk we “stole” from him earlier. The whole class would be laughing and the poor math teacher would not know why!

There were times when we would go to the back of the school building to look for big, fat worms. One time you dared me if I could put the worm on our science teacher’s table (remember? She was also our principal  🙂 ) …. I could not let the opportunity pass to show everyone what stupid things I could do…… knowing that the teacher would let me go to her table if I asked her a question, I asked one! Off to the table I went with the big,fat worm in my hand……. Asked the question, open my palm and left the table with the worm wiggling on top of it.  I  ended up kneeling down in the corridor for 30 minutes!

When I go home on weekends, you would come with me and spend time with my family . As time went by, you became part of our lives.   You were an orphan and now you had a family!

We went on to college — you went to Manila ; I went to Cebu, then to Alava.

Time passed………. I got married and had a family. you left for Australia and started another chapter of your life with Klem and Kate.

Our friendship survived long periods of not seeing each other, not talking ……. We would get in touch on occasions and it would be like we would pick up where we left off. You never talked about your physical condition, even if I would ask you about it . You only wanted to talk about happy things!

One day, I received a letter from your daughter, Kate. She wanted me to know that you were gone and to let me  know that you went home to the Lord peacefully  and without pain.

I miss sharing my life with you. I miss hearing from you. I just miss our friendship!

Take a bow, Maryflor, from the balcony of heaven … you ARE a true friend !

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