Colors of Life

black, yellow, white, brown ……….. skin colors of wonderful people !

pink cheeks, red nose :), black eyes, blue eyelids , red lips ………. all  faces  are  beautiful !

blue skies, golden sun, green trees, multi-colored flowers, brown soil ……… makes our earth a wonderful place to live in !


red roses, yellow daffodils, pink daisies ………. speak a beautiful language all their own

blueberries, oranges, red bell pepper, yellow corn, red strawberries, peaches, green lettuce, red tomatoes ………. colors of fruits and vegetables for good health

brown bear, red/green parrot, red cardinals, bluebirds, black/white zebra, green frog , ???? chameleon …..  animals  make even the saddest person smile

green olives, yellow cheese, reddish brown pepperoni , red wine ……. cheers!!!

green leaves turn brown, red, golden bronze, glowing yellow, light tan, orange red ………  colors change with the different seasons

As we journey through life, our life’s colors constantly change ….  some bright, others dull …  we have choices on what colors we add to our life .  worst thing that could happen to us is to be “color blind”.

See life in color … add colors to your life and soul  …  share these colors with people and the “world” around you.   Always remember,  you have to add color to life before others can color your life !!!

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