The Road Ahead

The long road ahead makes me wonder  how long it will take me to get to my destination.  64 (in 2010) years  of journey — steps are slower, getting tired and wondering how many bends and crossings are there to pass until i get there .

My passage has been relatively happy… with some crosses along the way;  doubts on which turn to take;  stumbled and learned which part to tread.  There were corners where I stopped ,  laughed with family and friends…….  i sat down and didn’t want to leave!  happy moments that i didn’t want to end, but I had more miles to go ….. i have to go!!

I saw a patch of green!!  I walked up and touched the grass…..  i stayed and made some friends – some hearts i brought along with me ….  they became part of my life …. they helped keep my travels happy.

children, grandchildren, family, friends are blessings that have kept me going.  walking with them through flowers, thorns, sandy shores, grassy meadows, rocky mountains, peaceful valleys ………  they laughed with me, loved me, shared my burdens, made my journey worthwhile looking back!

Peaceful nights when I slept among the stars….  i am alone but not lonely.  my journey has taught me how to appreciate what i find along the way.  my travels have been memorable, i learned to sift through the sand that might blind my eyes.  i learned to see the small pebbles that made my day!  i learned to thank the Lord for what He has given me.

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2 Responses to The Road Ahead

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