how did this happen?

i was at the office where we had a brown-out.  i went to countrymall to withdraw money and to just go around where it is cooler , compared to the office temperature.

back home,  my buddy was having the two recently-bought aircons installed.   the first aircon was tested, everything went well.   the second aircon was tested and the sound it made just wasn’t right!

buddy calls the office and i wasn’t there.   he calls my cellphone to request me to call the store where we bought the aircon .  what do you know?  i was a door away from the store!

i went to talk to geraldine, the store-in-charge.  she asks me for the official receipt of the aircons………..   would you believe it?  i had the original copy right inside my bag because i wanted to have it copied , to form part of the warranty card and manual!!!

how did this happen?

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