What ?

What was it ?

i was  in a deep sleep when i awoke with a feeling that somebody was staring at me.

while lying down, i looked at the window …..  i could see the tambis tree.  i looked at the left side of the room … the door leading to the bathroom was open….. nothing there, just a reflection from the light outside.  before i closed my eyes, i looked at the ceiling.   there it was !!!!!   looking straight at me was something/someone i have never seen before…..  it looked like a hobbit with large eyes, large hands, long fingers that stuck to the ceiling.  naked with not a single hair on him or her, whatever.

i was scared!!! so scared, that i could not say anything.  i covered myself with the blanket and was sweating until i fell back to sleep

when i woke up in the morning, the first thing i did was look at the bedroom ceiling.   what i saw scared me once again.  thumbprints on it !! i told my children about what i saw and showed them the thumbprints .  my youngest son got a step-ladder to get a closer look.  they really were thumbprints!!  we did not clean it after about 4 years later when we had the room repainted.

one day, as we were watching a movie trailer on television i saw something that made me jump!!!  it was exactly the same creature i saw on our bedroom ceiling !!!!!!!!!

the movie trailer we were watching was The Lord of the Rings.  the creature was the character, Gollum!

what did i see?   what was it ???

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