Who are you?

Who are you ?  Where did you come from ?

Did you come with me from home?   Or, are you a resident in our office?

We have been feeling a presence in our house and have come to terms with whoever or whatever is living with us.  Seems like a good spirit – does not scare us and we would want to believe this specter looks after our house when we are away 🙂

Now, go to my place of work  —-

On two different occasions, Euca has mentioned sightings. Once , I found her standing/waiting outside the powder room.   I asked her if she wanted to use it and she said she was waiting for Fritz , who is inside the room.   I thought she was joking – it was a Monday and Fritz definitely does not come to work on that day , neither did we see him around!   She insisted she saw Fritz go inside the room , her office being situated just outside the powder room.   I then asked her to open the door and see for herself if Fritz was there or not — when she did,  nobody was there !!!!!    On the second occasion, she came running to my office to ask me where Jeff was.   I haven’t seen Jeff that day…. So, our companion was here again…………..

Once in a while Cathy sees snippets of the ethereal being from the corner of her eyes.  She turns on the radio to full volume, to signal for the visitor to go away.

Bong hears the door open and close, especially on Mondays when there are only 4 people in the office……   as you might have guessed,   when he goes to check the door , nobody is there.

One morning, VECO decided to switch off the power in our area .   Padi, Cathy and I were at Euca’s office exchanging jokes and laughing loudly.  Suddenly, we heard somebody banging the door.  Padi and I went running to the door, only to find out that there was nobody there.

Padi has not been spared by these apparitions, either.   On his lunch break, he took a short nap at his office and woke up with his Grandpa sitted near him, looking at him! You are right ,  that was not his Grandpa ,either.

Yesterday,   I saw Bong enter the main office door . I went to his workstation to request him to bring some documents for Padi to sign.   Cathy was surprised when I said I saw Bong, because he was actually nowhere in the building.  Our friend on the prowl again!

Then, this morning —  Cathy saw me in front of my PC .    She went to her office to get some pistachio, which she brought for me.   When she came to my office, I was not there.  She asked Euca where I was……….   Surely, I haven’t arrived yet !!!

Today is Friday, Dec. 3,2010 — am updating the happenings in the office 🙂 Cathy came in early last Monday and found the office empty ( Mondays, the GE guys are off, being Sunday in the US). Cathy went to her office and logged in. All of a sudden, she heard the toilet flush !!!! She was pretty sure she was alone , but on second thought , she said to herself that there might have been somebody else ahead of her. She waited and waited, and waited…………… nobody came out of the toilet door. Now, she was 200% sure, she was alone in the office!!! Question …… who flushed the toilet ??????

Now, again, may I ask ……………………..  who are you?  Why do you take our likeness, our semblance?

Who are you?  Where did you come from?

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2 Responses to Who are you?

  1. This is really unbelivable. I cannot believe in this article.

  2. wanggits says:

    what i wrote is true….. unbelievable, but true!

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