Every other person I know is into blogging. This is one good thing to do during my lunch break …. or maybe, after dinner ….. on weekends? I am trying to fit in my blogging into my everyday chores, office work, family time and the little left of my own personal time. whew!!! makes me wonder if a day really has 24 hours. where did my day go?

My buddy , who is a retiree, loves to blog and he does a really good job !!! He has his own site and gets quite a number of readers and some returning visitors 🙂

I am not a good blogger but I could’nt care less if what I write is not interesting or my tenses are all wrong …. my thoughts, jumbled!! I just go on with what I want to do — write my thoughts and about things I am interested in.

Ms. Blog, will see you again sometime. In the meantime, do look for friends to visit my site — your home!

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2 Responses to Blogging

  1. mankuchai says:


    I read blog everyday…till my wife told me…what did you get from blogging..ahh its hard to tell my wife what i get hehehe..

  2. wanggits says:

    Hello 🙂

    I visited your blog site and would have wanted to read your blogs. I do not read/understand your language.

    I would probably tell your wife that blogging is one way of having my voice heard. It is also an outlet of my emotions , expression of my thoughts …… or, we might have deeper reasons why we write / blog.

    Keep on blogging !!! 🙂

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