Just because ….

I have been looking for a home-based job these past days. I have not found one I really like.

I tried applying for a blogger commenter’s position. Could this possibly be a scam?? The advertiser has asked me to undergo an “exam” by linking some blog comments to my facebook account. I dashed off and got myself a new facebook account, specifically for this exam. I must have passed the first phase because I was contacted and asked to go through the second phase.

Now, I’m thinking !!! why would this guy ask me to literally advertise his business on my Facebook account….. this has kept me wondering. what if this is a scam and I am advertising it on my FB . tsk,tsk,tsk

I decided not to go on with the Phase 2 exam. will look for something else to do during my spare time. I have to be careful where and how I apply for a part-time, home-based job. In the meantime, hunting for jobs I go !!!!

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