rainy day

it has been raining for the past two weeks. rain brings out different moods from different people.

when i was young — about 8,9 or 10 years old, rain was always welcomed with glee. together with my sister, cousins and friends (if i was at boarding school), we would bathe in the rain 🙂 it was fun! great!!! when i was in my teens, i did not run outside to get wet anymore, but i still loved the rain. i loved listening to the raindrops on the rooftops and looking at the rain drop on water pools.

at 65 years, i still love the rain. it helps keep my garden green and the dust away…… but, today, i wanted to get myself a haircut, buy Gang a hairbrush and do some window shopping but i cannot ! it is raining and i would have a hard time getting a ride to and from countrymall. so, here i am — with hair longer than how i want it to be; have decided to buy Gang’s hairbrush on saturday when we go to parkmall and do my window shopping some other day 😦

i hope the rain would let up on saturday. it will be little Maitina’s party and definitely, mr. rain is not welcome to this event !!

as the nursery rhyme goes — rain, rain go away. come back another day 🙂

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