Gratitude Journal – april,2011 – 1

April 12, 2011 – a good day!
*thank you for the smiling faces and hugs of my grandchildren when they greeted me “good morning”.
*thank you for my job waiting for me everyday .
*thank you for Tonio , who is always there to help me.
*thank you for the pleasant visit with Vina.
*thank you for pizza and mojos , which we had for dinner 🙂
Thank you Lord for the gift of my family, friends and my life!

April 13,2011

> sunny day! my buddy, children and grandchildren went to the beach 🙂 i’m happy for them !
> jollibee chicken for lunch. yummy!!
> am glad Lia came to wash the clothes and clean the house today (not her schedule for doing so ) —
> Euca showed me the photos of her new house/home. I am happy that they now have their own house. Euca’s dream has been fulfilled !
> the pain in my left foot is gone 🙂
April 15,2011
Much to be thankful today 🙂 Jeff and Winston approved my request to be absent . my buddy, Iñaki, Klaus, Maive , Jen and I went to parkmall. the children were at Playmaze, i went to Booksale to buy books . We had lunch at KFC. For dinner, Iñaki cooked fish head tinola and I prepared breaded pork chops . Chavi, Maisy and Maitina slept over 🙂 even if the children and I are coughing, loud laughs can still be heard around the house….. I’m happy!!!
April 16 is another good day for me 🙂 even if Iñaki and family will be leaving for Manila, I still thank the Lord for letting them come and visit us for the last 10 days! we thank the Lord for everyone’s good health and good humor……My buddy prepared “windows cathedral” which is always a hit for everyone ! We had abechuelas for lunch 🙂
April 17,2011
^ sunny day
^ lunch with my buddy at chika-an , we enjoyed the food
^ although our newspaper was stolen, we still had national geographic magazine and reader’s digest to read!
^ we sat down to chat and my buddy tinkered with the “dancing flower” Cathy gave me. it broke the other day when one of the children played with it. now, it is dancing again ! 🙂 gracie !
^ enjoyed the short time i did some gardening
^ shrimps/veggie express for dinner was spicy but yummy!
it is amazing how we can find a lot of things to be thankful for, if we only look at the good and positive things in our every day life. negative things/happenings only clouds our happy existence….. so, as much as possible, let us ignore all things negative !!!

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One Response to Gratitude Journal – april,2011 – 1

  1. toystory8 says:

    this is a good idea. i will start a gratitude journal of my own !

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