Lost …..

Sometimes, we get lost.
Sometimes , we get lost in our journey through life. Many times over we get lost in whatever we do, wherever we go ……….
Life has no map.What do you do when you are lost? Uncertainties can be frustrating…… or, if you look at the other side, it can be exciting!
You have a choice …will you take the risk or play it safe ? run away from it or meet it head-on and look for the way out?
Ask yourself questions. ….. where am I now ? what do I want to do? where do I want to go?
Take action ! Pray for guidance …….. be grateful for what you have at the moment …….. talk to someone who can be of help to you …….. turn away from negative thoughts and deeds.
Always remember, that every loss can be a new discovery at some point.

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