Human Relations at PhilAm OSI

Human Relations is one of the jobs undertaken by one who work in Human Resources Department. I have worked in corporate Human Resources for over 30 years and have experienced a lot of situations that would need skills in communications, sensitivity to emotions, team work — all these translate to human relations.

The sign below might not be the ideal work place situation, but this does happen a lot!
The sign is meant to be funny, but, actually it is not. This is a reality in most work places.

Have you tried working for a company with the least / the minimal negative situation as mentioned in the sign above? I have. 🙂 I work in a company where each and every employee is treated like a family member. Just like any family, we have discipline, motivation, communication and concern for each other.

Hope you will be as lucky as I am to find a company like PhilAm OSI !


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