My Pet :)

When I was young, we had pets at home.  

We had dogs with weird names 🙂  – Ambrosio, Johnny, Como tu and others I cannot readily remember right now. 

We also had a white bird we named  Abucay.  It could whistle and call out “Mama” everytime it was hungry.  We would give it bananas and other fruits for food.  Everytime it could escape from the cage where it was kept, it would look for me!!  I was it’s worst enemy……  it would bite me …. it was not unusual for me to have bite marks on my arm or face everytime the bird was free!!!  I do not have Abucay’s photo , but it  looked something like this –

We had stray cats who would come to our house when they were hungry or when it was time to give birth 🙂  we had two we liked most among the cats — they were Mingkay and Miming .

The pets mentioned above were family pets.  My younger sister and I had our own personal pets.  My sister had a white piglet she would bathe and she would tie a ribbon around the piglet’s neck 🙂  .  The piglet would walk behind her every time she would play in the garden.

My own pet was a small iguana.  I  tied it into an old car tire. This became it’s “home”.  I would sometimes walk the iguana around or put it on my shoulder, until it became bigger and it’s claws would leave scratch marks on my shoulder.  When it was small, I used to feed it with leftover rice.  that was fine, until it got bigger……….   it became my mother’s problem .   My mother had a hen which had chicks.  Every time the hen and her chicks  would walk near the  iguana,  the hungry iguana would snap at one of the chicks and have it as the meal of the day 😦   .  This was definitely not acceptable to me, to my mother or anybody else!    My iguana had to go !!!  I let it loose into the sugar cane fields near our house.   On the first few weeks, I would catch a glimpse of my iguana ….. i would think it was hungry and could not find food in the sugar cane fields.  Time went on, and I lost track of it ………  or, maybe, I just did not recognize it anymore, when one of the workers would find an adult iguana 😦   Again, I don’t have a picture of my pet iguana,     but it did look similar to this —

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