The Computer Keyboard

8:00am to 5:00pm ,  I work in front of the computer at the office.  Most nights at home , I surf  the net or do some work on our  computer .  Am not complaining,  I enjoy both my work and the net 🙂   This just keeps me thinking on how much time my fingers click on the keys of the keyboard Without my eyes helping my fingers,  they go and click  where the brain tells them to…… amazing !!

Have you ever wondered what some of the keys on the board mean if we translate these into our every day life ?   You might think  I’m going cuckoo …..  but this made me put on my thinking cap …………  this is what I came up with 🙂

     this is where my heart is 🙂  this is where I find my family , the people I love most.  This is where I rest,  this is my refuge …my haven.

at the back of my mind, I have always told myself

that I should take      of my life, but , can I ?  really ??  we can plan our life’s  journey , but the trip will not always be the way we want it to be.  whatever life brings me,  I will make sure that I will not get stuck  and will make the best of what my deal will be  .

  I pause and take time  every day to appreciate the good things that come my way 🙂   I have much to be thankful,  my cup runneth over.   The Lord has been very generous to me ….. I have a good, loving  family……. friends who care ……  I have everything I need ……….    I cannot ask for more.

I pray to the Lord over and over again to instill in me, to insert into my heart the gift of forgiveness….. to crush the burden of pain and anger …. to let me  go down the path of peace and healing.


” POWER of the Lord’s presence.”     The bible has endless passages of how the presence of God empowers His children to live for Him.  Without God, we are nothing!  With the Lord in my life, I have peace, happiness and contentment, knowing that He is in control.

Sometimes,  I  would want to escape from reality.   Watching the evening news is not a pleasant thing to do……..  what do we see???   wars, terrorism, hatred, tsunami, typhoons, earthquakes, all the disasters you can think of are on the TV screen, newspaper, magazines!!!   how can we escape from all these ?

When I am with my grandchildren, I shift from being a grandmother to being a child 🙂   I love reading to them and playing with them.   I never tire giving hugs and kisses.   I want to run around with them, but at 65,  I turn to the chair sooner than I thought I would .   This is one subject that I would probably write about in another blog.:)

It would have been wonderful if  I had a ” Num Lock” when I was exactly 30 years old.     This was the best age for me — physically, mentally and whateverally have you !!

 I sleep soundly !!!   that is, when I sleep I don’t hear anything and will wake up in the morning, not knowing what happened in-between…….. and, according to my buddy, I make a lot of sounds when I sleep ….. hehehe  …. sowweee, I don’t know  I snore !

If there was a camera that would record all the thoughts that would ENTER your mind,   would you think what you are thinking about  right now ????  LOL !!!

 When my END will come,

will I be DELETED   from the universe ? or, will I end up somewhere so I can be recyled  or be reincarnated?     For the answer to these questions,  watch  “Ancient Aliens”  every Wednesday at 8pm on History Channel…. mind you, this is not an advertisement,  just a part of my blog !  🙂

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