View from my office window

For the past 6 years, I have kept my office window blinds closed.  In summer, it would be too warm for me, or so I thought.

Early this year,  I decided to keep the blinds open and now love the sunlight coming into my office.    I can see the garden across the street and have kept track of the flowers blooming 🙂   Sometimes, I stand to stretch a little and look out the window.   I can see dogs being brought by their worried owners to the vet.   The vet’s clinic is right in front of my office window, across the street.

There is a small sari-sari (convenience store) , right next to the vet’s clinic.   From where I am, I cannot figure out what they sell, I just see a lot of colored containers on the shelves.  One thing sure is, they sell cellphone loads 🙂   There are a lot of telecom company ads …………

I can  see the changes of  telecommunication companies’ ads …. one day it is smart , a few days after this has been changed to sun cellular, a couple of days more and it is now globe !!!   I can see guys stapling these ads one on top of the other….. ad war on my street!

A few steps down the road is a small eatery.  Covered pots are lined , with a huge water dispensing machine at the end.   Taxi and jeepney drivers drop by at all hours during the day to eat at the tables by the roadside.

Then there are the liquor ads !!!  Tanduay 65 wins them all !! LOL !!    there are  San Mig beer and Coca Cola ads, too!

Cars, taxis, jeepneys, garbage trucks, ambulances, whatever rolls, they all pass by from where I am and I can see them all.   There are days when I just stand there and watch them all go by.

Made up my mind to keep the window  blinds open so i can watch the world go by and be one with them 🙂

( this is not my office window, nor is this my office.  I like this “green office” and would someday want to have one like this !) 😉

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