the man on the street…………………….

Every day my buddy brings me and picks me up from work ,  for which I am very , very grateful 🙂   but then, this is not the subject of  this  item.

On our way to my office , some mornings we see this guy with a lot of long teeth with “fangs” .  Something like this  ( although his teeth were longer and narrower) !!

He wears an ID,  I therefore conclude that he works for someone, somewhere ………..

In one hand, he  sometimes brings a piece of paper (must be a receipt) and bills/coins (must be the change for what he paid for)  .    I tell my buddy that the guy is “inviting” somebody to snatch the money from his hand !!

Another day, I see him bringing a plastic bag with a baker’s logo on it……. probably contains bread , cookies or pastries from the bakery.       Again, he has the change for everybody to see, in his hand 🙂      He must be the company’s messenger or janitor , who goes out for errands every morning.

What could be his name?   Where does he live ?  Does he have a wife and children?

Are his teeth real ???   if  not,  then,  he really has a bad dentist who put those dentures together !!!

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One Response to the man on the street…………………….

  1. legsNarms says:

    would be nice if you stop and ask who he is 🙂

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