I’m back :)

my last blog was on November, 2012….

I have been sick, undergone surgery , was recuperating and am now back in circulation !! 🙂

60 days of hiatus ….
my daughter came home to take care of me. I thank her for her kindness and support.

my buddy has taken over most of the chores I do at home… muchisimas gracias!

I left the hospital at 4:30pm and two hours after, I was on a wheelchair attending our company christmas party! I was in pain but was happy to be there. I had given notice for my retirement and my co-employees and employers had prepared a tribute for me. I could not keep my eyes dry. It was touching!! but, then again, I asked myself ….. would my eulogy sound like this ??

While recuperating, a go go go person like me , could not sit long , lie down or simply do nothing. I had to move and do something ! anything ! my buddy would call my attention and remind me that I am not supposed to move furnitures, lift heavy things or do chores for almost an hour at one given time.

My doctor has given me a clean bill of health and given me the signal to do what I wanted to !! Back to normal !!! was I happy ??? I can do gardening, brisk-walk, clean the house as long as I want to ….. do whatever I want !!!

Traveled to Manila to attend my daughter’s graduation. She is now a Doctor in Clinical Psychology. I am super proud! My eldest son has been promoted to Area Manager in the company he works for and will be moving to Davao soon! super proud mom here 🙂 My youngest son has moved to another hotel and has been hired as a Duty Manager ! super proud mama !! these all happened in a month’s time !! The Lord has generously blessed our family!!

I’m back !! As my doctor said, do what you want ! I will do what I please! 🙂 Thank you for everything, dear Lord !

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