how do you feel today ?

how do you feel today


How do you feel today ?  

                          I am sad …    tired ….. 

                          I am happy….  ecstatic …..

                          I am sick……. disappointed  ……

These could be any of the answers of the question.   Did the person asking the question really want to know how one felt?  Or, was he/she just being polite and asked because it was expected of him/her?                                                     

People sometimes ask us how we are, but does not even wait or listen to what our answer is.  Were they being polite in asking the question, or rude for not listening to what the answer is…… 

If asked the question, I would say ………………………….

  I feel great !   I woke up happy, did some gardening this morning and went  to see some friends at the office where I used to work.  Got a check for  my last pay and had a good news about my retirement pay!   It rained today  so it is not as warm as yesterday!  I have much to be thankful for the  blessings the Lord has given me ….. my family, friends , good health and assurance that I have a roof over my head,  food on the table and some  money to spend.

How about you, what would be your answer to this question ?

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