Me time ………….

Twenty four hours in a day is most of the time a bit too short for a working mom!

Working at the office, working at home, passing by the grocery store, making sure the house is clean and the laundry is done …… quality time with husband and children !  And that is not all, there is still cooking to be done and helping the children with their homework.  The different hats worn by women ….  being  mothers, wives, daugthers and  professionals, puts a lot of stress and pressure on them.

That is when “ME” time is very much needed.  Me time is a woman’s free time.  A time spent all by herself.  Ten to fifteen minutes a day will do us good.  I know because it helps me revitalize myself or regain my sanity !


Here are a few things I do, which I hope can also help you …..

1. At the office —  take a break… get up from your desk, walk around / go up or down the stairs (or the block!).

2. Still at the office, home or car — breathe deeply  …  focus on breathing gently and slowly for about five minutes or so.  Don’t think about the grocery list or the report you have to submit …. just follow your breath.

3. Forget about the vacuum cleaner or the dishwasher for a while.  Do something you enjoy.   Sit on the porch and watch the clouds …. maybe, you can do a bit of gardening or if it is night time, look at the stars  … no phones allowed, please 😉

If you have more time — thirty to sixty minutes ….

1. Take a nap :).

2. Take a long stroll or jog.

3. Get a manicure / pedicure or a massage!

4. Soak in a tub !!  Do not forget to bring a glass of wine  ;). Just be sure somebody is looking after the children .

You can make your own list of  “me” time.  Be sure to make it happy, relaxing and with a feeling of well being.

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