Back to school ….

My granddaughter does not like going to school. Who does ? 🙂 She is in kindergarten and always asks her mom to be near her classroom. Her mom has work and parents are not allowed to linger near the classrooms — not when school had started a month ago!

One morning, on her way to school with her dad, she was singing two songs she learned in school and recited the alphabet and the numbers. Her father took the opportunity to ask her if she liked school. She answered, “no”. Her dad asked her if she liked the new songs and the alphabets she learned in school. She said “yes”. So, the father said , “See, it is good that you are now going to school, you are learning new things.” She replied, ” I am trying hard to learn everything we are taught, so I do not have to go next year!!”

That’s my granddaughter!!

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